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Native to the Gulf States and naturalized throughout the Southeast, carpetgrass is a warm-season grass that spreads by means of creeping stolons. It doesn’t produce a high-quality lawn, but it is useful as a turf grass because it thrives in difficult areas where other grasses fail. Read on to find out if carpetgrass is right for your trouble spots.

Information on Carpetgrass

The disadvantage of using carpetgrass in lawns is its appearance. It has a pale green or yellowish green color and a more sparse growth habit than most turf grasses. It is one of the first grasses to turn brown when temperatures cool and the last to green up in spring.

Carpetgrass sends up seed stalks that quickly grow to a height of about a foot (0.5 m.) and bear unattractive seed heads that give the lawn a weedy appearance. To prevent seed heads, mow carpetgrass every five days to a height of 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm.). If allowed to grow, the seed stalks are tough and hard to mow down.

Despite the disadvantages, there are some situations where carpetgrass excels. Carpetgrass uses include plantings in boggy or shady areas where more desirable grass species won’t grow. It is also good for erosion control in difficult sites. Since it thrives in soils with low fertility, it is a good choice for areas that aren’t regularly maintained.

The two types of carpetgrass are broadleaf carpetgrass (Axonopus compressus) and narrowleaf carpetgrass (A. affinis). Narrowleaf carpetgrass is the type most often used in lawns and the seeds are readily available.

Carpetgrass Planting

Plant carpetgrass seeds after the last spring frost. Prepare the soil so that it is loose but firm and smooth. For most soils, you’ll need to till and then drag or roll to firm and smooth the surface. Sow the seeds at the rate of two pounds per 1,000 square feet (1 kg. per 93 sq. m.). Rake lightly after sowing to help cover the seeds.

Keep the soil constantly moist for the first two weeks, and water weekly for an additional six to eight weeks. Ten weeks after planting, the seedlings should be established and beginning to spread. At this point, water at the first signs of drought stress.

Carpetgrass will grow in soils without a lot of nitrogen, but applying a lawn fertilizer will hasten establishment.

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From the sandy soils of East Texas to Florida and north to Virginia, Alabama and Arkansas, carpetgrass is found in fields, woods, along roadsides, pastures and lawns. Also known as flatgrass, Louisianagrass and as "petit gazon" by the Creoles of Louisiana, carpetgrass is native to the Gulf Coast states and other tropical climates. It is a creeping, perennial grass that can be recognized by the blunt rounded tips of its leaves, flat stolons and a tall seedstalk with two branches at the apex. It forms a dense mat and will crowd out most other species.

Description . Carpetgrass ( Axonopus affinis ) is a creeping, stoloniferous, perennial warm season grass. It is characterized by flat, two-edged runners or stolons by wide leaves with blunt, rounded tips and by long, slender seedstalks that terminate with two branches, very similar to crabgrass. Stolons are flat, widely branched and root at each node.

Leaf sheaths are strongly compressed with fine hairs along the outer margin and densely pubescent around the nodes. The ligule is very short with a fringe of short hairs. The leaf blade is wide, flat, broadly rounded at the base, blunt at the tip and often fringed with hairs.

The seedstalk is tall, slender and often drooping. It branches at the apex into two slender, one-sided spikes, sometimes with a third spike below. Spikelets are oblong, acute, 2 to 25 mm long, pale green or tinged with purple, solitary on alternate sides of the rachis and forming two rows. The lower glume is absent, the upper as long as the spikelet. The anthers are yellowish white or slightly tinged with purple. Seed are yellowish brown and about 1.25 mm long.

Adaptation and Use . Carpetgrass is best adapted to the middle and lower southern states. It has about the same cold hardiness as centipedegrass and is well adapted to moist, sandy soils. It thrives in areas too wet for bermudagrass and tolerates more shade than bermudagrass.

The ability of carpetgrass to thrive under low fertility makes it suitable for use on low maintenance areas such as parks, roadsides, airports and golf course roughs. Its most objectionable characteristic, frequent and prolonged production of seedstalks, limits its use on lawns. Frequent mowing with a rotary mower is required to maintain a nice looking carpetgrass lawn.

Establishment . Carpetgrass, like all small seeded grasses, requires a loose, smooth and firm seedbed. In heavier soils, disking or rototilling, dragging and rolling may be necessary to develop a good seedbed.

Carpetgrass can be established from seed or sprigs. Seeding is often easier and less expensive. For a quick cover broadcast two pounds of carpetgrass seed per 1,000 sq. ft. of lawn. Rake the lawn lightly after seeding to help cover the seed. A grass drill can also be used effectively for planting carpetgrass seed. For large plantings, where a quick cover is not critical, plant 15 to 20 pounds of carpetgrass seed per acre. Again, a grass drill is the most effective means of seeding carpetgrass.

Seed carpetgrass after the last expected frost in the spring. Mid-April to May are ideal months for seeding carpetgrass. Do not seed after September 15.

Keep the soil moist, but not wet, for about two weeks after seeding. Continue light, frequent watering until the seedlings are rooted and beginning to spread. After the lawn is established, usually 8 to 10 weeks after seeding, water only as needed to prevent severe drought stress.

Carpetgrass does well on acid soils and on soils with a low fertility. However, establishment is hastened by light applications of a complete fertilizer. Apply a complete fertilizer at one pound of nitrogen per 1000 sq. ft. at planting time and at monthly intervals thereafter until the lawn is covered with carpetgrass. Lime is not necessary unless the soil pH is below 5.0

Management . Carpetgrass lawns need frequent mowing during summer months to keep the seedstalks cut. During the growing season, new seedstalks are produced about every five days. If allowed to grow, the seedstalks grow to about 12 inches tall and produce an unsightly lawn.

Carpetgrass should be mowed to a height of 3/4 inch to 2 inches, depending on its use. The grass will tolerate the shorter mowing heights for use on golf course fairways with a 5-day mowing schedule. Where mowing is less frequent, the taller mowing height produces the best results. A rotary or flail mower is necessary to remove the tall seedstalks that develop with less frequent mowing.

Carpetgrass will thrive on moderately acid, low fertility soils. Under these conditions, it will crowd out bermudagrass. On roadsides, golf course roughs, parks and other low maintenance sites, carpetgrass will survive without fertilization. But, on more frequently mowed sites such as lawns, fairways, etc., occasional applications of nitrogen are needed. Late spring and early fall applications of nitrogen at 30 to 40 pounds per acre (1 pound per 1000 sq. ft.) are adequate to meet nitrogen requirements. Soil test recommendations relative to phosphorus and potassium should be followed.

Carpetgrass is not as drought tolerant as bermudagrass. On droughty soils or during periods of drought stress, occasional watering is needed to maintain carpetgrass. On moist sites where bermudagrass is not adapted, carpetgrass will thrive without supplemental water.

Pest Managemen t. Carpetgrass is susceptible to common soilborne diseases such as brownpatch and Pythium and to most leaf spot diseases, but rarely do these diseases justify fungicide applications on carpetgrass. The grass usually recovers with little injury when environmental conditions change. The exception might be brownpatch in the fall which can produce unsightly turf for several months.

White grub and, in the southeastern states, mole crickets can cause serious injury to carpetgrass turf. Again, where infestations of these insects can cause a problem, insecticides are available to effectively control them.

Where weeds are a problem in carpetgrass turf, the hormone-type herbicides can be used for broadleaf weed control. Also, most preemerge herbicides are safe on carpetgrass and can be used for crabgrass control.

Carpet grass

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Carpet grass, (Axonopus fissifolius), mat-forming perennial grass of the family Poaceae, native to sandy soils in southeastern North America. Carpet grass is occasionally used as a lawn and pasture grass in warm areas, but its use generally indicates declining soil fertility, because it is a low-quality forage. The plant has naturalized in many parts of the world.

Carpet grass reaches a height of 20–50 cm (8–20 inches). Its roots are very shallow the plant spreads vegetatively with both rhizomes and stolons. The minute wind-pollinated flowers are borne in small panicles (compound spikes) with three or four branches. They seed profusely.

Broadleaf carpet grass (A. compressus) is a closely related species native to South Africa. It too is used for lawns, though both species are often considered weeds.

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Carpetgrass Planting Info - Types Of Carpetgrass In Lawns - garden

It is coarse bladed, makes a dense turf, can be grown from seed, shallow rooted and therefore is not drought tolerant. It is as cold tolerant as centipede and has poor salt tolerance. It's shade tolerance is about the same as Centipede (Definitely less than St. Augustine grass).*

Carpetgrass is ideal for those areas when DAMP moist soil is present. It will withstand higher traffic than many others in these conditions. It generally will NOT tolerate much shade. so St. Augustine may be a better choice in shady areas.

Establishment: Medium to fast depending upon the amount of care that is given.

Adaptation: From the edge of Virginia and across the southern states to the east side of Texas. Sandy damp soils of moderate acidity but not salt tolerant.

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Broadcast sprigs -- stolons, generally sold by the bushel -- over the prepared site, or plant sprigs in 2-inch-deep furrows, instead of broadcasting. Place sprigs six to 12 inches apart.

Go over the planted area with a motorized disking machine to cover broadcast stolons. If you planted sprigs in furrows, roll the sprigged area with a lawn roller to flatten the furrows and cover the sprig nodes with soil.

Water to keep the soil moist until stolons begin to creep and the lawn is established, which generally takes eight to 10 weeks. Fertilize monthly to supply 1 pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet of area. Calculate the amount of fertilizer blend required by dividing the percent of nitrogen -- represented by the first number in the fertilizer analysis, such as 5 in 5-10-10 -- into 100. The quotient is the number of pounds of fertilizer needed. In this example, 5 divided into 100 equals the quotient 20, which would mean 20 pounds of fertilizer.

Carpet Grass

Axonopus affinis
While it is not widely planted, warm-season carpet grass has the potential to thrive in the coastal and tropical South—as long as you can devote time to its maintenance. According to The Southern Living Garden Book, "Though it requires little feeding and is fairly shade tolerant, this is the lawn grass of last resort it is fragile, needs lots of water, and does best in wet, acid soil." It's most often found in Florida, where the composition and saturation of the soil makes it hard to grow other grasses.
Related Species: Broadleaf carpet grass (Axonopus compressus), Louisiana grass (Axonopus fisifolius)

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Carpetgrass Planting Info Types Of Carpetgrass In Lawns

Apr 04, 2018· Native to the Gulf States and naturalized throughout the Southeast, carpetgrass is a warm-season grass that spreads by means of creeping stolons. It doesn’t produce a high-quality lawn, but it is useful as a turf grass because it thrives in difficult areas where other grasses fail.

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