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Country gardens, miniature landscapes!

The country garden is not the garden of "decorative" fashions, of style "Rustic chic" that a few magazines suggest. The country garden is the garden of longevity, the garden of duration, the garden of time that passes slowly, almost preserved. The country garden must be a natural garden par excellence. It is a bountiful and modest garden. It is a garden of perspectives, evocation and meditation. It is a garden that lets you enter the landscape of a living postcard, from a long time ago, rural, to today, delightfully ideal and outdated. It is a garden of breathing, it is a known country that remains to be discovered. It’s air and nature, color and vegetation. It is the garden of temporality, the garden of the seasons, the garden of sincere memories.

Country garden… not just for plants?

The country garden is a tasty mix, a successful draft of well-known flowering plants, wild flowers, natural installations. Ultimately, it is a garden where the gardener has allowed himself everything with a consistency that only nature itself could question ... Flowery mixtures where varieties follow one another offering color, light, foliage and luxuriance. It is a vegetable patch or mixed vegetables, scattered here and there in the beds, perennial vegetables having a good place ... In the country garden, everything is also done for animals, toddlers, medium-large where the pollinators feel good, bees in the lead, where the insects work the land, finding their account and their place, or the seasonal birds find rest and food, where a hedgehog wanders proceeding from the limitation of the molluscs. This is a garden where devastating synthetic chemistry has no place.

  • Cosmos have their place in the country garden. With their false air of a wild plant, their beautiful colors hanging from very thin stems which wave in the wind in the slightest breeze, they blend perfectly with poppies.
  • Themsonie is a beautiful plant for the shady areas of the country garden, its light blue flowers in the shape of a star blend with the vegetation like a burst of light.
  • TheEulalie : it is a very beautiful grass plant, at the edge between grasses and bamboo. It can reach more than 2 meters in height, ideal for a hedge or a backdrop or to create perspectives.
  • Borage is one of the symbols of country gardens. It is a flower with wild looks, it is an edible plant whose flowers can decorate salads for example and not to spoil anything, it is superb!
  • The impatiens are annual flowers that appreciate partial shade to sun exposure, they carry a false air of wild flowers ideal in a natural bed.
  • Ornamental garlic, magnificent colored spheres, suspended at the top of tall stems, which attract us, invites us to dive into them to draw out its scents that will remain etched green-red in us.
  • The Lilac classic among classics, it diffuses its fragrance from April in an explosive bloom. Blue Lilac, White Lilac, Ivory Lilac, Mauve Lilac, Pink Lilac always splendid!
  • The ceanothe a small, extremely floriferous tree, usually a magnificent blue, with pompom inflorescences of a multitude of tiny flowers grouped together in spikes.
  • Perennial wallflowers, perfect flowers of the quarry gardens, country garden if there is one. Orange-yellow, or purple and orange or red, or ivory white, the flowers give off a pleasant and powerful scent.
  • Digital : the most beautiful flowered "spears" in the garden. Foxglove carries its flowering in spikes, a floral candelabra that illuminates the country gardens with their luminous bells.
  • Peonies : beautiful flowers with the old-fashioned charm of the old stars, beautiful, fragrant, fragile… They like the country garden, sheltered by a plant hedge or a stone or brick slit because it caresses the rain and the wind .
  • Hollyhocks : long stems adorned with flowers all summer long, a plant with a rural design, country style sometimes associated with holiday memories, an old house where feelings are expressed under the gaze ... hollyhocks.
  • The rhododendron is as popular in small gardens as in large ones. When the shrub reaches the "peak" of its flowering, the leaves are completely hidden behind the flowers as there are so many.
  • Garden stonecrop or sedum, various and very varied magnificent inflorescences ... Stonecrop, or rather, stonecrops are numerous: creeping, lining or erect habit with large stems ... Stonecrop finds a plance in all country gardens ...

Country garden, peaceful garden!

The country garden is a universe "which allows one to disconnect from a stressful reality, from an artificially agitated life and sometimes at the limit of meaning. The country garden is the garden of reality, it is a feeling, a moving rusticity, an invisible work past, a work that uses simplicity and truth in the use of plants, materials and objects. The country garden is the garden of the uprooted from the French countryside and elsewhere, it is the garden of memories par excellence, it is the garden of parents and grandparents, the garden of a holiday home, a garden of tranquility, an anchor in a History, in a family story, the garden of an incarnate life.

Conical shapes

For isolated plantings with a beautiful decorative effect.

Acer platanoide crimson king

Maple with purple leaves. Rapid growth.

Liquidambar styraciflua

Conical and slender port. Magnificent fall foliage. Support waist.

Platanus acerifolia

Large leaves providing shade. Very rustic.

Tilia platyphyllos

Lime tree with fragrant flowers. Supports pruning and rustic.

Jardiland: natural materials are in the spotlight

Jardiland blows a wind authenticity in the garden with quality items. Stool, bench and wooden wheelbarrow are a natural addition to your decor. Since this material is a safe bet, this is the opportunity to rhyme quality and aestheticism. Regarding the interior of the house, the materials are soft and light. Fall for a set of bohemian baskets or for its pretty matching cushions.

The portfolio

100 // Massively colored

It's spring ! Let's take the opportunity to decorate the beds with colors, even with colors that we would never marry when it comes time to get dressed. It doesn't matter! One goal and, for once, the end justifies the means: you have to brighten up every corner of the garden and thus give a note of optimism for all moments of everyday life.


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